What can you expect from our team?

You can expect nothing but the best in high quality top-notch video brought to you by using the most up to date equipment such as professional DSLR cameras, GoPros, pro audio and much more.

We are also constantly updating our equipment to keep up with the high demand of different techniques and shooting styles to impress your customers, friends and family for years to come.

We always do everything in our power to bring your vision to life, we work with you from the beginning of the project all the way down to the very last detail.


Something that you will notice below is a link to our customer movie room, this page is password-protected so that during the editing process we can upload different versions of your project as we move through the editing process, this also allows for us to deliver your videos with limited interruption on your daily business and personal life by giving you the option to view your product before it's completed without us interrupting your schedule with constant meetings.

Check out this commercial we made for Valle Jewelers.
"I'm extremely happy with how this project turned out!" Mo Schoen
Videography / Editing / Mo Schoen

This was definitely a really fun project to work on!!
Check them out @
Videography / Editing / By Mo Schoen

This is a "Re-Edit" including new shots of the spectacular "Silverlake Twin Drive-in" in Perry New York.
Videography / Editing / Voice Over By Mo Schoen


This is a short video shot on the rooftop of "City Church"  and in the dance studio of Divine Dance @ "St. Anthony's" in Batavia NY.

This is definitely one of our favorite videos to date! and we are definitely looking forward to shooting more!

Videography / Editing By Mo Schoen

Check out this awesome experience we had filming the fall foliage for "The River Spring Lodge"
a boutique hotel located near Buffalo New York!

Videography / Editing By Mo Schoen

2016 was an amazing blast for us! it shouldn't be that hard to tell after watching this epic highlight reel!

Videography / Editing By Mo Schoen

This is a video filmed for the "Divine Dance" recital DVD 2015. Check this out if you'd like to see how we film interviews.

Videography / Editing By Mo Schoen