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Pets & Cleanliness

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On my Interior / Exterior package ( Up To 2,100 Square Feet ) you should plan on (45 - 90) minutes for the shoot

There are many variables that can add additional time to the shoot

A few reasons worth mentioning.

  • - Pets In The House.
    - Lack Of Cleanliness / Organization.
    - Vehicles Parked In The Driveway.
    - Miscellaneous Objects In Yard.



PLEASE READ >>> Just want to emphasize the Pets portion.
I've had a dog knock my camera and tripod over before.
On top of the danger to my equipment animals can also cost time and be constantly in the way.

After you fill out this form you will receive a link to my staging guide in order to help cut down on time on site for this job.

Your Consideration For My Time And Help With This Is Very Much Appreciated!
Thank You!


I understand and Have read all the listed information about pets / cleanliness / organization above

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