MULTI-CAM PROJECT | Pastor Marty - The City Church | 4/01/2018

MULTI-CAM PROJECT | Jonathan Burgio - The City Church | 3/22/2018

What is multi-cam video production?

Multi-camera or simply Multi-cam is a method of film making and video production. Several cameras—either film or professional video cameras—are employed at the event and simultaneously record and broadcast live video. It is often contrasted with single-camera setup,
which uses one camera.


Our multi-cam recordings can be done in a number of ways depending on  your productions needs. Our system can do isolated recordings of each camera in case we need to go back and fix any camera switches
in post editing. Our system also records the program feed our switcher operator is maintaining during the live event. As long as the switcher operator maintains a great program recording very little post editingis necessary in most cases ensuring a quick turnaround. We can place
your logo(s) on the screen to give your recording and Live-stream anamazing high-quality look!

Streaming Broadcast

Don't have a website for the live broadcast? No problem!
We can use our website to host your stream this way you can let your viewers know ahead of time what link to view the stream from. Most people simply set up a smart phone and record extremely low quality video and audio giving their stream a poor perception of value.
With our multi-cam set up and professional sound your viewers will be able to see the action from any of the available angles! This definitely boosts production quality and gives your live broadcast an amazing perception of value!


We have choices as far as distribution with options such as DVD,Blu-ray, flash drives and digital downloads. We have a full set up for duplicating and printing DVD'S,Blu-Ray's and flash drives. We can also give your project a store page for pre-and post event sales and we also handle the shipping to the customer.

Basic Infomation

We are currently covering corporate events, school events along with church events as well.

With 15+ years of video production knowledge packed along with 8 years in business we are ready
to serve you with amazing video production!

Contact us to find out how our live video production and streaming can meet your needs!