Mo Schoen


Business Owner, Project Director, Lead Videographer ,

Drone Pilot, Photographer , Video Editor , Photo Editor, Website Editor.

Cassandra Schoen


Business Owner, Office Secretary

Get To Know The Owner

Hey! my name is Mo.
I’m a videographer, photographer, web designer from Batavia NY.

I wanted to make a small autobiography so my customers can get to know me a little bit better.

It's hard for me to know just where to start but I guess it all goes back to when I used to help out with the video and audio production at a local church in Batavia New York. I started out as a cameraman and after some time I got a chance to join the sound team. From there, my knowledge of audio and video developed as the years went on.
After some time, people started to notice a growing talent inside of me and I eventually landed some wedding video jobs.

After doing weddings, for a while, I started to realize that this could turn into a business.

Ray Luzier
Ray Luzier Of KORN

So now, fast forward to 2009; one late night, when my phone started to ring and, I'm not going to lie, it caught me a little off guard seeing as it was after midnight, but for some reason, I decided to answer it and it turned out to be a really cool video job where I got to shoot a drum clinic for “Ray Luzier” the drummer of Korn.

Later that year, an amazing thing happened in my life and I met the love of my life "Cassandra" then WE GOT MARRIED!!!

Fast forward (8) year (2) kids and alot of fun from then and here we are today. Along the way I learned a lot about business management, project management, took multiple classes for photography and multiple courses for professional videography and more!

So now I have a little explaining to do about our business name and what the letters TBG are to us. My mother Pamela, and father Barry, named me Mo-riah Schoen, the name “Moriah” means "Taught By God" so after hearing that for most of my life we decided that we wanted to apply TBG to every aspect of our life including our business.

So now that you have had a small chance to get to know a little bit about me for free to call, email or even drop us a message on Facebook if you have any projects that you could use our help with. Definitely looking forward to hearing from you!

Mo Schoen.

The Schoen Family

The Schoen Family